All graphic design studios are presented with copy from clients to be typeset. How well this copy is prepared varies and so does the expectation on the graphic designer to double as an editor.

In 2003 we were four years into running Adelaide based graphic design studio Voice, when we started to notice that with every job we produced, we were cleaning up punctuation mistakes and inconsistencies in supplied copy. We became frustrated with the repetitious process of proofing and editing supplied copy, not least because as designers, editing was not our primary skill, but also because it became obvious that copy prepared correctly in the first place would save us and our clients a lot of time.

We then decided to produce a small guide to punctuation that could be supplied to clients as a reference tool when writing copy to be typeset. Soon after winning various awards and receiving some publicity, Type it write was in demand and before we knew it, the first edition had sold out.

Today, Type it write is used by thousands of people and after years of being continually asked if there are any spare copies floating around the studio, we knew it was time to edit and print a second edition.