Get it right with Type it write
You may think punctuation is a boring and largely irrelevant topic, but before you brush aside any need to be concerned with your use of commas and apostrophes, consider this fact: poor punctuation confuses your readers and turns professional communication into a jumble of meaningless words. It's not a good read (or look).

If you write and want your communications to be effective and clear, you can join the thousands of people like you who have found punctuation salvation in Type it write. It addresses the usage of the most common forms of punctuation, including apostrophes, commas, quotation marks and semicolons, and provides valuable guidance about matters such as emphasis, placing punctuation with quotation marks and preparing lists.

A multi-award winning publication, Type it write will become your essential desktop accessory—important enough to refer to daily and small enough not to get in the way.

Second edition
By popular demand, the second edition of Type it write has just been released. It introduces additional topics in acronyms, emphasis and italics; places more emphasis on examples; and is more exciting and even easier to use than the first edition.